Alexey Grankowsky – Composer and Producer, created Ambient, Dream,Trance,Electronic. Born in Soviet Union(URSS) half-of-a-life raised in Italy.
My research on melodic compositions for ambient, dream, techno and electronic minimal music – I mostly arranged the sound with a passion for astronomy and strutting concepts on dance floors. Music, all sounds and melodies are all composed and created entirely by myself in the studio . The music has been developed and played live during shows and live exhibitions.

Grankowsky’s musical evolution proceeds equally step with that of science, physics and astronomy. Driven by a strong curiosity towards the mystery that hides Space, music becomes an excuse to depict a distant place where the human contamination disappears and the indifference of the earth
becomes a stranger. In 2014 he published his first album with the name of art Pinolik element, which presents itself with excellent intuitions, by those he laid the foundations of his artistic music career. However he awaits 2015 to take a more shape complex: Oblivion comes out, this time under the name of Alexey Grankowsky. In this album he studies human nature, his loneliness in search of a momentum towards the future.

In fact in the same year his artistic evolution led him to explore the concept of time and space, remembrance and oblivion, life and death. How we can maintain ties indelible with people who are no longer by our side, where is the point where space and time coexist? There is the journey and turns into a black hole. The performance becomes the opportunity for the Russian musician to present his latest work: Luminescence. So Luminescence is finally his journey, an odyssey that starts from the Earth, crosses space and reaches a black hole. The use of the bass, more evident compared to the other two albums, becomes an instrument to unite past and future bringing us there, where time does not exist and death does not even exist.







a work consisting of five important sounds that divide the life of a human being in this five-step journey: Last Time, Approach, Collapse, Luminescence, Light On.

Last Time: Abandonment of the earth, evaporation of memories, abandonment of good and evil, loss of anything that binds a human being to time, that is to say everything. In this phase the body is transformed into an essence of the universe that moves towards a gravitational mass, a black hole. To combine with the rest of the energy-containing substances altogether, to be recycled.
Last Time is a last immense memory of life, it is the last act of the human being that remembers the feelings of having been created somewhere on earth, the death, the wars and love.

Approach: Approaching the gravitational mass (black hole), the sounds represent the power of gravitational attraction to which one can no longer escape but only abandon oneself. There are still some light memories of ourselves, which slowly fade, like extracts transformed into luminescence energy.

Collapse: The input inside the mass (black hole) sounds represent the visual of what surrounds the interior of the entity, the power of the low sound reflects the vibrating mass. Here you can feel the energy of everything once alive on earth, here time does not exist and there is no concept of death, everything is transformed into a single language

Luminescence: In this place you can meet all the collapsed energies by which you can interact through the luminiscence. Here the energies of every living thing that has changed its shape are recycled into other substances. A place of meetings where the past, the present and the future does not exist.
Luminescence: Encounter with deceased energies of another time (on earth).
Communication with other entities, Love.

Light On: The light of your transformation begins
The particles of light are rejected in space under other masses and entities to nourish the universe.

Inside the black hole there are traces of encounters, energies and different entities, which can be memories of places, people or feelings with which you can communicate through the luminescence.
The musical style, in fact, is based on fun and interaction just like it happens inside the black hole where the luminescences communicate with each other in a dance of light.



ALBUM – OBLIVION – A newborn being has no sex and has everything to be alive.
The body contains all the emotions and information, ability to do anything, good and bad.
A journey through the past and the future of emotions, possibilities, existence, evolution and destruction.
To love to destroy and destroy to love.
Vibration of premordial sounds represents the passage between the past and reality, towards change and evolution.
A body is in peace, it is vibrant, it represents what we are alive and powerful.
The sounds represent the vibration of birth, the path of our life and transformation.
to be vibration, to be alive.




Indulge in space. Let the earth behind, in free fall ad libitum .
The sounds are elements of a structure to orbit, a melody
accessory to fluctuate ; in the absence of gravity ‘ land .
My music ‘ a search of oblivion , an abandonment of one’s body
lightened by a sweet melancholy. The metal cone and ‘ a symbol : there
Its shape resembles that of a drop , a capsule with which
set off; the pine nuts that contains elements that are branching ; when they fall to the ground
become memories that record the soundnature. Melodies that unravel and disperse information of our roots ,
waving in the cosmos .

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